Pension „U Petra“
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The Menu

Starters and small dishes

60 g Peter´s homemade pate with cranberries 69 CZK
120 g Peter's homemade pork meat in a jar 79 CZK
100 g Tatar beef steak with fried garlic bread 195 CZK


We make fresh homemade soups every day

0,33 l Thick broth with homemade vermicelli and liver meatballs 45 CZK
0,33 l Silesian garlic soup 55 CZK
0,33 l Soup of the day 55 CZK

Fish, chicken and pork specialties

150 g Grilled trout with herbal butter
(with an extra charge of 4 CZK per 10g of trout)
139 CZK
250 g Au gratin chicken steak with dry tomatoes and mozzarella 169 CZK
250 g Marinated pork chop with bacon and a fried egg 175 CZK
200 g Pork sirloin with mushroom sauce 185 CZK
200 g Flamendr (hot spicy mixed meat) 155 CZK

Homemade ready meals

200 g Deer goulash stewed in wine served with bread dumplings 176 CZK
150 g Roast pork meat on garlic served with cabbage and two kinds of dumplings 136 CZK
450 g Crusty roast duck served with cabbage and two kinds of dumplings 189 CZK

Venison specialties

150 g Marinated deer medallions served with forest fruit and Karlovarsky dumplings 248 CZK
150 g Forester´s wife´s grilled deer served with mushrooms and potato pancakes 248 CZK
150 g Breaded deer steak with garlic served with buttered potatoes 248 CZK

Beef specialties

The meat is from a local farm in Bernartice.

200 g Beef tenderloin steak marinated in Dijon mustard 275 CZK
100 g Tatar beef steak with fried garlic bread 185 CZK

Homemade smoked meat

We buy the knees and ribs raw and then we marinate them and smoke them according to our own recipes.

100 g Knotted knee and everything that goes with it (about 500 g) 42 CZK
100 g Smoked meat ribs and everything that goes with them (min. 400 g) 46 CZK

Classic fried meals

100 g Fried Eidam cheese 110 CZK
100 g Fried Hermelín cheese 110 CZK
150 g Breaded chicken steak stuffed with ham and cheese 149 CZK
150 g Breaded chicken steak 126 CZK
250 g Breaded pork steak as big as a half of a plate 159 CZK

For two or for a gourmand

500 g Gourmand´s bowl with a varied side dish 455 CZK

Tasty salads...served on a side or on their own

220 g Mixed vegetables salad 55 CZK
350 g Vegetable salad with grilled chicken meat and a toast 139 CZK
350 g Vegetable salad with smoked trout and a toast 139 CZK


1 pancake with poppy seeds and whipped cream 59 CZK
1 pancake with ice-cream and chocolate 59 CZK
Ice-cream sundae with fruit 59 CZK
Homemade cakes of the day 49 CZK


Side dishes…filling and tasty

150 g Chips 39 CZK
150 g Fried croquets 39 CZK
150 g Potato Pancakes 48 CZK
150 g Baked potatoes 39 CZK
200 g Šumava mashed potatoes 48 CZK
150 g Bread dumpling 25 CZK
160 g Steamed rice 25 CZK
200 g Boiled and buttered potatoes 39 CZK
160 g Karlovarský dumpling 48 CZK
60 g Tatar sauce 22 CZK
60 g Ketchup 15 CZK
1 piece of bread 5 CZK

If you have not found your favourite meals on our menu, please feel free to tell the waiter and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

All the meals are prepared and calculated by our chefs Miroslava Danielová and Petr Hledík.

Barbora Sedláková is in charge of the waiters and she will be happy to help anytime you need.

We wish you a lovely stay and enjoyable meals, On behalf of the team.

Petr Hledík, the owner